Know what NOT to recycle - " KNOW  THE  NO ! "

No Blue Tarps / Big Poly Sheets (tanglers!)
No Packing Strands / Tapes (tanglers!)
No Pizza Box Bottoms (with food waste)
No Styrofoam Packaging
No Hammocks / Folding Chairs (Dhhh!)
No water hoses, tubes, cables (tanglers!)
No wet paper or wet newspaper (cloggers!)
No wet cardboard (cloggers!)
No bagged items (what's in there?)
No un-flattened boxes
No light bulbs
No clothing (tanglers!)

No plastic bags (gummers and tanglers!) (1) Gather your plastic bags separately. (2) Visit  (3) Drop them off!  Why?  Because plastic bags can gum up the recycling machines. They should be gathered and recycled separately at almost every grocery store.


Eliminate single use plastic bottles - Switch to reusable containers and filtration pitchers. Find well designed pitchers online and use for filtered water, sun tea and other drink uses.


Additional Informative Recycling Videos and Websites: