Our Approach is Simple!

We provide what you need to build better ...
... and to build greener!

Our 16 year old 'young thinking' engineering firm provides consulting, guidance, engineering, and plans for renovation & new construction.

We'll explain the best methods for your renovation. We'll help you design an affordable a starter home. We'll engineer innovation into a sleek custom home. We can design ranches and commercial sites.

Our design and consulting approaches are enhanced through expert application of Revit 3D for building and site design, civil and structural engineering resulting in permit ready plans.

We are as 'green' as you want us to be ...

(1) We can guide you on how to reduce your energy consumption and your impact on the environmental, and back these ideas up through 3D energy modeling.

(2) We can explain why insulated wall sheathing with super-insulation and moisture control is worth it. Or why every garage should have Electric Vehicle service equipment, every roof should be solar capable, and every yard should have a back-up generator.

(3) To further enhance your new home experience.We can help your project improve home safety, accessibility, shelter-in-place, universal design, and aging-in-place.

Not 'green' enough?  Because we have already done it, we easily  help you with sun-sail shading, small wind generation, a ground mounted solar array, rain water harvesting, outdoor kitchen, and composting stations near your garden area.

Our Story

Company history...
Eco-Holdings' owner is Gary Beck, a Texas P.E. since 1981 who has been in Houston since 1976 with only short overseas assignment breaks. A civil engineer (Duke 1975) who is SECB certified in the practice of structural engineering. Gary is a Texas Board of Professional Engineers 2017 Windstorm Engineer, and a Special Inspection Agency for the City of Houston. Gary is also a LEED* Accredited Person (*Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) for the US Green Building Council. Gary combines hands on craftsman level experience with a personal interest in smart energy efficient design. Over his career Gary has been a Member of ASCE, FPA, ASME, NHBA, GHBA, SIPA, ASHRAE, and the USGBC.

Meet the Team

Gary Beck

Engineer & Owner

Duke B.S.E '75, Texas P.E '81, LEED AP, SECB, Texas Wind Storm Program Engineer

The ECO Team

Two Engineer's in Training and Once Site Specialist.

All Good Guys

Who can Help Us?

Any Revit trained designer!

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Next Steps...

Drop by our office, call us, or email us to start a discussion of your project or your need for design and or engineering.