Civil Engineering

Site design by a P.E.

(...drainage, mitigation, conveyance, detention, parking, driveways, culverts, curb-cut nozzles...)

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Structural Engineering

Foundation & Framing by a P.E.

(...elevated homes, wind storm, wall removal, rooftop solar array, professional opinions...)

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3D Design Services

Revit 3D Integrated Design
(...convert 2D designs & sketches to 3D models, create 3D terrains, modify 3D stock designs to suit, consult on Zero Energy homes, SIP, ZIP, ICF, AAC...)

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Since 1993

Consulting, Design & 3D Engineering

A client's simple compliment does a long way with us...

"Gary, Thanks for the views and all the work your team has done. you have exceeded my expectations and confirmed that my decision to go with your firm was the right decision." 10/31/18 (Halloween)

ECO is a registered Texas engineering firm (F-7395) providing design consulting with both civil and structural engineering

Our 'ECO' name is for sustainable building practices. Our '' name is just help customers find us.

We provide civil and structural engineering in Texas. We offer design consulting services for green building, net zero energy, alternate building systems, and shelter-in-place. We also provide inspections and TDI Wind Storm services.



BUILD BETTER: Our 15 year old structural + civil engineering firm provides design, consulting, and plan services so you can  build better.

BUILD SMARTER: We'll help reduce your project's energy consumption and its environmental impact. We can also improve safety, accessibility, lighting, function, and fun.

BUILDER GREENER: Its more than adding super-insulation. We can help you add Electric Vehicle service equipment in your garage, solar array capable roofs, shelter-in-place areas with standby generators, rain water harvesting, recycling  and composting stations, and a robotic vegetable garden.

SEE B4U BUILD: 3D Virtual Reality Walk-threw, Fly-by, Room Views, Sun Studies, Lighting Studies, & Energy Simulations. Our  expert Revit 3D can enhance both design & performance.