Civil Engineering

Site design by a P.E.
...For site drainage
...For flood plain mitigation
...For building in a flood plain
...For adding detention basin
...For a new parking lot

Structural Engineering

Foundation & Framing by a P.E.
...For an elevated home plan
...For a renovation plan
...For removing a wall
...For a rooftop solar array
...3rd party professional opinion

3D Design Services

Revit 3D Integrated Design
...3D Support of 2D Home Designers
...3D Support of Remodeler Sketches
...3D Home on 3D Site Terrain
...3D small home stock designs
...Zero Energy Home Consulting
...SIP, ZIP, ICF, AAC Consulting

Our guys have 3D skills

As ECO's lead Revit 3D designer, I am supported by a code educated Revit 3D design team with two E.I.T's and a very capable site modeler.

Gary Beck, Eco-Holdings Owner

I can bring design, engineering, and construction experience in wood, steel, and concrete to your project. My structural experience includes engineered wood products, Structural Insulated Panels (SIP), Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), Autoclave Aerated Concrete (AAC), and Huber ZIP R Panels.  Gary Beck. SECB, LEED AP, P.E ('81) Duke BSE '75.

Your Next Steps...

Call 713-377-4209 and or email your plans/sketches with your address. Tell us what kind of help you think you need. We will review your plans and any site flood issues. Then Gary Beck will discuss what is needed to successfully complete your permit ready plans.