What are your Services?

We offer two types of Services - (1) Engineering and (2) Integrated Design.

(1) Our Engineering Services include Civil Engineering (site planning, parking, landscape, drainage, mitigation, detention, conveyance, etc.) and Structural Engineering (Foundations, Framing, Wind Storm, Construction Details, etc.). We offer Engineering only within Texas and it is our core business.

(2) Integrated Design is the creation of 'smart' 3D models of homes, buildings, and site topography with comprehensive construction plans using Autodesk Revit.  Most of our work is in Texas but we can offer our Integrated Design service for any site on the planet (where local rules allow it).  Our most recent non-Texas project was a Structural Insulated Panel based home design for California.

Fun Fact - We typically create Revit 3D Integrated Designs for our internal use to provide (3D based) Engineering Services.

What are your Products?

We have two construction related products currently under Patent Application.

One is called 'Curb Nozzle'. It is a simple, unique, elegant, and inexpensive solution to a common drainage problem.  We are just starting to sell it from our office. It will soon be in our Online 'Store' (under construction https://texasengineer.com/store/).

The other patent applied product is still under initial testing.

We are just starting our Store but we can already offer to ship our 'Curb Nozzle' to any site on the planet that can accept a Fedex or UPS delivery.